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I have always been utterly enthralled and enchanted by butterflies. In my work I have tried to capture the fluttering flight of the butterfly which gives each piece shadow and movement. I especially love how shadow and light changes in different light settings which gives each piece a life of its own.
Lorna Doyan

I create 3D butterfly artworks which play with light and shadow, colour and texture. I love to use Gold Leaf and card and papers that I have collected. I am a mum of 2 and work out of my Studio in Crouch End.

Every art work is hand crafted using card, wallpapers, paint swatches or other papers which have inspired a piece and are displayed within a white or black box frame. Every piece has a touch of genuine 24crt gold leaf.

The value of Lorna's artwork increased by 62% last year, that's one big number. Her butterfly collages are perfect for both a contemporary home and for an art lover with an interest in investment!
I love to create bespoke artworks to fit any interior or occasion, just ask!
Lorna Doyan

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Lorna Doyan Creates
Lorna Doyan Creates1 week ago
Here’s a new limited edition colour of my classic and ever popular “The One That Got Away”; now in a very seasonal & rich dark wine colour. The butterflies radiate out from the centre with order and symmetry only broken by one single escaping butterfly - in genuine 24k gold leaf which adds preciousness and glamour to the piece. All beautifully set within a hand built black box frame. I think this colourway works well in both light and dark interior spaces. I’m only making 15 of these. DM me for best prices. 65x65cm, Signed and numbered on the front. #butterflyart #paperart #readytohang #artforinteriors #interiorart #interiordesign #limitededition @artfinder_com

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