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Classic Butterfly Box


A beautiful 3-dimentional artwork in a pure and classic white. The symmetry and repetitive relief design gives this artwork an abstract, modern feel from afar and reveals the butterfly design on closer inspecion. Every butterfly is hand punched and folded and glued with precision and a single signature 24crt Gold Leaf butterfly is revealed to add a precious quality to the piece. The 3-dimensional aspect creates beautiful shadows which give the artwork a life of its own and changes throughout the day in changing light situations. It come fitted and framed in a solid White box frame. This design can also come Lacquered in any colour to suit any interior. Please email me if you would like a specific no. edition or personalised for someone.

  • Materials: Card, 24crt gold leaf on 200gsm
  • This artwork is sold framed
  • From a limited edition of 25
  • Signed by the artist on the front
If you wish to commission this piece or other requirements please contact Lorna using the contact page.
  • 50 × 50 × 5 cm (framed) – £170
  • 100 x 100 (framed) – £650

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