Dirty Little Butterflies

Dirty Little Butterflies

Introducing a touch of adult humour into her artworks are the series entitled “Dirty Little Butterflies” which uses imagery found in adult magazines..

“I wanted to play with the contradictory notion of the innocence of butterflies and the surprise to find a glimpse of nipple (or worse) when given a closer look… I like the fact that they are stricking yet delicate in a general setting but only when you are drawn in by a glimpse of an eye or a mouth does it reveal ‘alot’ more…i hope you find them humorous, they are certainly a talking point.”

If you wish to contact Lorna about this piece or wish to commission one, please visit the contact page.

25 x 25cm £100.

50x50cm £395

Dirty Little Butterflies

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Lorna Doyan Creates
Lorna Doyan Creates1 day ago
Thanks to Artfinder I’ve had a flurry of orders for these little beauties. Please message me if you’d like any of my little genuine 24k Gold Leaf Butterfly boxes. Discounts on multiples and speedy delivery. #perfectgift
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