Flutter Butterflies

Flutter Butterflies

In contrast to The Classic Butterfly Boxes Lorna gathers inspiration from the fragile and erratic beauty of butterflies within their movement.

”I have always been utterly enthralled and enchanted by butterflies. In my work I have tried to capture the fluttering flight of the butterfly which gives each piece shadow and movement. I especially love how shadow and light changes in different light settings which gives each piece a life of its own.”

Every Flutter art work is hand crafted using card and are displayed within a white box frame. A black box frame can be ordered if better suited to an interior scheme. Every piece is unique and original, and has a signature gold butterfly using genuine 23.5crt gold leaf. This signature butterfly reflects the light beautifully and adds a precious quality to the art work whilst complimenting the majesty of the butterfly.

If you wish to contact Lorna about this piece or wish to commission one, please visit the contact page. This piece is displayed in a 50 x 50cm white box frame, £250

Flutter Butterflies

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Lorna Doyan Creates
Lorna Doyan Creates1 day ago
Thanks to Artfinder I’ve had a flurry of orders for these little beauties. Please message me if you’d like any of my little genuine 24k Gold Leaf Butterfly boxes. Discounts on multiples and speedy delivery. #perfectgift
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