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I completed a Fine Art Foundation Course at Middlesex University before attending Nottingham University to study History Of Art.

Then moving into the world of interiors and home furnishings, I spent 12 years at Habitat in buying and merchandising before moving to Harrods to help shape the Home and Interiors floors and their Interior Design business.

My new career creating these artworks feels like a second calling and entirely meant to be and I am very grateful to be able to do it.

Now a mother of 2 living and working from my home studio in Crouch End, North London with our 5 spoiled cats. I left a career I adored because it better suited our family to have me at home and I initially began creating artworks for family and friends. I owe a lot to these people who initially spread the word and also to who was the first gallery to really champion me. I regularly feature on their best selling lists and have artworks all over the world from Australia to London, Dubai to the Outer Hebrides.



Every artwork is hand crafted. I cut or use die cutters to create my butterflies by hand and source the very best card, wallpapers, glitters, sheens and create my own 24k gold leaf, copper and silver leaf butterflies. I frame most of my pieces myself and I am open to hand painting frames and backgrounds to perfectly match a brief.

Every piece has a touch of genuine 24k gold leaf as I love how it reflects the light and adds a precious quality which compliments the majesty of the butterfly.

I am always open to chat through ideas and projects so please contact me if you have anything you would  like to discuss.



It’s no surprise ‘I Love Butterflies’!

Our annual family highlight is hatching butterflies from caterpillars and releasing perfectly emerged Painted Lady butterflies into our garden whilst making sure none of our 5 cats are anywhere near! Please follow my Instagram stories every August if you’re interested.

There is something about butterflies! They are a symbol of endurance, hope, transformation and optimism, no wonder so many of us love them or are drawn to their symbolism. They are good for the soul.

I try and bring a little of that wonder and inspiration into my artworks, creating them certainly brings me happiness and I’m thrilled they bring some of that to others too.