Lorna Doyan’s website showcases many of her artworks which celebrate her enduring fascination with the ethereal and majestic butterfly. Lorna gathers inspiration from the symmetrical beauty of butterflies in her classic butterfly boxes and interprets the fragile and erratic beauty within their movement.

 “I have always been utterly enthralled and enchanted by butterflies. In my work I have tried to capture the fluttering flight of the butterfly which gives each piece shadow and movement. I especially love how shadow and light changes in different light settings which gives each piece a life of its own.”

Every art work is hand crafted using card, wallpapers, paint swatches or other papers which have inspired a piece and are displayed within a white or black box frame. Every piece has a touch of genuine 24crt gold leaf as Lorna loves how it reflects the light and adds a precious quality which compliments the majesty of the butterfly.


lorna portrait2Lorna completed a Fine Art Foundation Course at Middlesex University before moving to Nottingham University to study History Of Art.

She then moved into the world of interiors and furnishings where she spent 12 years at Habitat before moving to Harrods to help shape the Home and Interiors floors and their Interior Design business.

Lorna is a mother of 2 living in Crouch End, North London. Given her creative background and familiarity with Interiors and Design it is not surprising that Lorna has now chosen to re-explore her creative talents in producing works of art that she hopes are loved and will add to any interior scheme.

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Lorna Doyan Creates14 hours ago
Yeah!! Home made Gin!!! So christmasy! Orange, cinnamon and cloves. Hic!!🎄🍊🎁 #gintastic #cocktailqueen #ginchristmas

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