What people say

I'm not often lost for words... but this really floored me. This morning I was presented with this exquisite piece of original artwork. It was commissioned by a lovely client who I've been privileged to coach and help back to health over the past few months. It features words that sum up all things Peppermint Wellness (like "veggies", "sleep well", "gratitude", "sunshine" and "positivity") transcribed onto delicate little butterflies. It's honestly one of the most beautiful, meaningful things I've ever been given. I love that it uses butterflies, as they symbolise transformation to me. What I appreciate most about health coaching is that it acts as a catalyst to empower people to take flight and thrive. It's really special to see that encapsulated in a Peppermint Wellness piece of art. I am touched beyond words and will treasure this always. ♥️